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Custom Happy Birthday Cake Candle

Custom Happy Birthday Cake Candle

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A great personalized gift for that special someone! Each creation is hand frosted with All Natural Soy Wax, combined with; High Quality fragrance oils providing rich memorable aromas.

This unique candle fragrance has a creamed vanilla infusion which combines on a savory buttery & maple sugar base.

Add a name to personalize your one of a kind birthday candle, under "Add your personalization" If a name is not added for personalization, the candle will show a "Birthday Cake" text label.

All Candles are made with soy wax products that are chemical free & homemade in small batches.

The Inside of this candle is coated with round wax sprinkles which stick to the sides of the jar & will not fall off. The wax on top of the candle is piped into the jar to resemble frosting!

Please remember to allow your candle to burn long enough to generate a melt pool that reaches
the entire diameter of the candle to help ensure the longest burn life. Do not burn your candle longer than 4 hours at once.

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The seller was fast with shipping, packaged my item safely and securely. I absolutely love my candle! Recommend and would buy from again!

Jole 10/19/22

  • Handmade

    We make each item by hand & strive to provide the best version of our product each & every time.

  • Being clean is our priority

    - 100% All Natural Soy Wax

    - Vegan friendly

    -No toxic ingredients, phthalates or parabins.

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